Flying back from Spain carrying a suitcase, 60% of which was food…

...this is how Picoteo Box was born!

As a Spaniard living abroad for several years, I always find myself missing the three F’s: Family, Friends…and FOOD! So many days craving a glass of refreshing horchata and fartons for breakfast, missing some sliced chorizo ibérico with picos and olives as an afternoon appetizer, or just being able to open a can of my favorite anchovies, calamari or mussels for a simple and tasty late-night bite!

Picoteo Box brings you the concept of authentic Spanish snacking or "picoteo" right to your doorstep every month, so you can treat yourself to a sweet or salty snack, or a quick and tasty meal.

Either if you are a Spaniard away from home or just want to have the real Spanish snacking experience, Picoteo Box helps you keep your pantry filled with your favorite goodies without having to “smuggle” them in your luggage!


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